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Hoping to get some help understand wrist wraps

Been lifting for a while, but recently started crossfit and shifting from hypertrophy type workouts to strength. Mid 40s and while getting stronger and maintaining (and improving) flexibility are a primary focus, more so is staying safe, protecting my joints and minimizing injury.

I've likely going to get some wrist wraps for all the heavy (...heavy for me) pressing work I'm doing but there's a lot of options and varieties out there and am hoping that a patient soul can help me out.

Do people buy and use different types/style of wraps depending on what they're working on? As an example I've read good things about Mark Bell's wraps, but since he's more of a powerlifter does that mean the materials and stiffness are more appropriate for just flat bench and overhead pressing where you're trying to minimize wrist flexion? Would they be useful for crossfit workouts? It seems a stiff wrap minimizes how much your wrist flexes so would a wrap like this make it hard when doing front squats, thrusters or HSPUs?

Are there wraps more suited for providing wrist support, while allowing it to flex a little or are they not intended for those types of movements?

Also what about when doing ring work? If I understand how a muscle up works, if you have a false grip, then your writs in in more of a flexion position before pressing up with the dip, so are their certain wraps/materials which make that range of motion more or less difficult?
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