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I think you're onto something with the selling out on the first set. I wanted to see how many dead hang I could do and then kip more at the end (18 dh and then 7 kip), but I was smoked after that. My arms were just crushed. Yet, after some rest, I managed 12-8-12-8-11-14 the rest of the way. I've noticed that there's a certain number of reps of an exercise I can do with short rest for many, many sets - like, say, 20 pushups, or about 12 pullups. I guess the trick is to build up that number over time, which will obviously drop times dramatically. Which returns me to the original point, I guess, how do you do that? Or is it just a matter of continuing the WOD's. I would be curious what light Kelly Moore or Greg Amundson or other people who put up monster reps and quick times could shed on when they broke through, or how long it took them to get where they are now.
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