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I would say that the answer for the really high rep WODs like Annie is a combination of "be patient dude" and NOT selling out on the first set of the exercise.

As for the "be patient dude", the first time I did CindyI got 13 rounds, the 2nd time I got 16, the next I got 20. I simply could work at the higher rate for longer due to improved fitness. But with Cindy you get a "rest" from one brief bout of an exercise while you do the other 2 exercises.

But on girls like Annie where it's so many reps of an exercise before you get to switch, you can actually hurt your times by "selling out" and maxing the first set. Say that you can do 20 pull-ups before total failure. If you do that, you have to recover longer before you can even give a mediocre 2nd set.

If you do 10 pull-ups on the first set, you can take a coupe breaths and back it up with 10 more, then 10 more, then 10 more, because you aren't working at 100% of muscular failure.

Over time, you'll get to where you CAN work at near muscle failure and still recover in a very short time to go again.

I actaully like to "sell out" on the first set and push like crazy to finish the rx'd reps. When I get better times it's because I'm actually fitter.
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