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Hey, all.
I just did my first Angie today (I started CF just a week after the last one in November). 22:23. Not bad, but I really want to get under 15 mins. I seem to have found my limits in the later sets of multi rep workouts. In other words, I can do, say, 25 combo dead hang/kip pullups in the first set. That takes about 40 secs. It then takes me another 7.5 mins to do the next 75. The same applies to pushups, sits, squats.
My question is this - am I just not pushing myself or is there another way/method to increase the muscular endurance for those later reps/sets to bring the times down? Or is the answer simply "be patient, dude"? I could probably squeeze a 2nd workout in occasionally or add in a li'l sumpin' on rest days without feeling smoked.
Oh, yes, fwiw, I'm pretty strict Zone diet, with an occasional cheat day (maybe 1 of every 8). Would appreciate any thoughts from those maniacs who can do 50 pullups w/o dropping off.
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