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Re: pull up bars for apartment

Originally Posted by Erin Hightower View Post
Jonathan I'm reaching the point of being about ready to say screw it and screw it in. I've lived here for 5 yrs... not like I expected the deposit anyway

John...molding is the wooden trim around a door way .... I thought all those door jam, no screws, took molding....maybe I'll go ask big 5/sports authority if that'ss true or not
If you do plan on going that route make sure that you are drilling into studs or something solid. I was fortunate to have concrete.

As far as the door jams go; I used to have one; actually still do, I just don't use it anymore. I do believe that molding is required, because that's where the leverage comes from. Not a physics expert, but it sounds right.

Have you also considered a stand alone system? Something like this: WFS
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