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Re: Two months in and starting to feel more comfortable

Just chiming in to say hey, I started the exact same time you guys did. November 23rd, 2010 for me. Was my first class, I knew NOTHING about crossfit, and just jumped in headfirst, from a free class on base on the 23rd, to doing it on my own at a crossfit friendly globo the month of December, to joining a local affiliate this month.

After getting into better shape and losing a lot of weight using home videos (P90X and Insanity), I never felt like they were for me, or that I could do them forever, and was looking for more variety in them as I went on. So I'm no champ at the affiliate yet, and have yet to do a workout as Rx'd (but I've gotten above the girls RX'd weight a few times, so I'm getting there!) but I just enjoy this so much I'm trying to get all my friends/family doing it to!
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