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Re: TUF 13 - Brock Lesnar and Junior Dos Santos

Originally Posted by Sean Dunston View Post
I stand by my comments, here and above. I am mostly criticizing Brock as a coach for an MMA team, not wrestling in general. I think Brock is pretty one-dimensional, and the other factor he has that can't be coached -- SIZE -- is on his side, but it won't be on the side of welterweights on his team.

I did not say that wrestling is a bad foundation for MMA - in fact, I think it is essential. Unless both fighters are going to stand and throw for the entire fight, they better know how to shoot some takedowns, and defend takedowns/sprawl. Sure - there are some fantastic throws in Judo, and some BJJ folks can jump and pull guard on their opponents but that is rare, and most fights get to the ground with a single or double leg. Ground control is a big element of wrestling too - but that's about as far as wrestling will take you in MMA (other than conditioning -- which I think we'll all agree is needed, but I can't say a wrestler's conditioning is superior to others' because I just am not as familiar with the way others do their conditioning).

I don't think there's a single wrestler out there who is comfortable on his back. I know my old wrestling coach forbade our entire team from sleeping on our backs because he didn't want us to ever be that close to being pinned. No joke. In fact, you see a lot of guys with strong wrestling backgrounds (and not much else) give up their backs pretty quickly when they're on the ground precisely because they do not want to be ON THEIR BACKS. Unless they can pull off an amazing escape, that is usually a terribly risky thing to do.
As far as wrestling taking you far in MMA. I still think as a solid base it will take you farther than an other element. You can teach a wrestler to strike but can you teach a striker to wrestle just as easily? I don't think you can...just my opinion. You look at GSP for an example.....he pounded BJ Penn , on the ground (where BJ is great), standing etc... and GSP uses ground control a lot in his game....
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