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For those that argue Westside is only for the advanced...

Here is a quote from a dad whose son has worked with Louie for about a year now:

"jimmy glasco
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Louie has forgotten more than 99% of power lifting coaches will ever know.
Originally Posted by Morgan McPherson
Here is a fun little video of it. He is now their powerlifting cert expert. It would be awesome to go and do 2 days training and learning under him.
I have had the pleasure of being around louie for the past year. i have learned so much about powerlifting and how it helps athletes maximize their potential in performance as well strength. I am a sprint coach and using the "West Side Barbell" system with my athletes. results have been amazing. Louie has continued to dispell the myth that 13yr old and under are too young to lift and it stunts growth. My son is 13 and has been lifting for 1yr. he has deadlifted 335lbs and squated over 320lbs at 175lbs. Stunting growth, he was 5'3 and 156lbs when he started and now he is 5'9 190lbs. Go figure, We ride or die with West Side. Thanks louie..................."

If a 13 year old can handle it so can YOU.