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Chris Mason
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Re: One of our products on sale (AtLarge Nutrition)

Mark, I had actually asked the admin about mentioning a sale we were having a few weeks ago and I am 99% sure this is where it was suggested that I post about it. After getting permission I decided against it as it was a general sale. I decided to post this because I know the product is an excellent one for CF.

If it is a problem then I have no problem with it being removed. I certainly don't want to be banished. That is why I asked for permission for the other sale and figured it was ok this time as I had not posted about the other sale.

I do think the intent of the rule you posted is to keep SPAMMERS off the site and I certainly do not consider myself that. Out of my 500 and something posts this is the first one that solely mentioned something about a product and I don't plan to do it again in the near future.

Again, mods/admin, if this is a problem please remove and let me know and I will be sure never to do it again. If not, I will also be sure to do extremely rarely if at all.
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