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Greg Battaglia
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I'm with Greg. Some paleo advocates fantasize of a huge variety of different fruits being available to paleo man. The real story is much different. In our industrial world the use of chemical pesticides and vehicles for shipment of produce allows us year-round access to virtually any type of fruit. Before modern technology developed into what it is today fruit would have been a rare treat for paleo man. Without the use of pesticides, insects and other animals would likely consume a large portion of the available fruit before man got the chance, shortening the already brief length of time of fruit's availability. Not to mention that during the winter and fall months fruit would be virtually non-existent. Paleo man typcically ate 25% of his calories (and many times less) of total carbohydrate. Most, if not all, of these carbs came from complex sources (ie tubers, squash, pumpkin, carrots, and curciferous vegetables to a lesser extent).
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