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Grecery stores are your friend. Go the the meat counter for turkey, chicken, etc. Raw vegatables or a salad bar, slivered almounds, and fruit will round out your selections. You've got scales and everything! Also cheaper then going to a fast food place. McDonald's Asian Chicken salad is about a 4 block meal (comes with a bag of slivered almounds). Bring protein powder (vanilla goes with everything) and macadamia nuts (1 nut = 1 block of fat). If your orgnized, put the protein powder into empty water bottles (enough for a two block snack). Now all you have to do is eat an apple, add water to the pre-filled bottle, and eat 2 macas for a 2 block snack. Beef jerkey ain't ideal, but will do in a dire emergency (tons of nitrates though) could find beef jerkey and seeds/nuts at any gas station. You could go into any resturant and order a meat selection with steamed vegatables on the side and a salad. Prior to walking into the resturant, eat your block amount to macadamias and your GTG. Keep some fish oil pills in the cooler.
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