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Re: Hypertrophy with CFFB

Hypertrophy can be simple if the right things are done, same with getting stronger.

however, to say that simply eating alot and getting stronger will do it is over simplifying things a little too much.

Especially as a point will come when strength gains halt.

Think of the thousands of people around the world lifting heavy and eating loads - thats a lot of people doing exactly as prescribed here and all you get is alot of strong fat people in gyms.

Bodybuilding (in the sense that you want to build more muscle, not oil up and prance about) is a fine quest if you are trying to build yourself to feel better and perform better. More muscle helps nealry all sports - nearly!

Things to consider are range of motion, skill learning, fatigue, recovery and volume.

High volume of work is not a requirement for hypertrophy, it can be used to reach a goal but high volume is not needed.
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