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Re: Hypertrophy with CFFB

Your question depends on how much of a 'bodybuilder' you want to be. You can bodybuild as Steven Low suggests, but you will not be so much of a pure bodybuilder without concentrated volume and subsequent fatigue. If you are built for endurance it is likely you have a lot of endurance fibers, and you may benefit from high repetitions, not to say that you should concentrate on only high reps.

Starting strength is aggressive overload, which is out of tune with the bodys ability to cope. No-one can carry on adding weight to the bar quickly. At some point you need to stall and stick with a given workload before moving on.

Extra calories is no excuse for shoddy programming. Too many people getting extra big to inflate their numbers. Is all that extra weight necessary, or maybe you can remain small but very strong? Many olympic lifters manage their weight and their strength.

So what's it going to be?
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