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Re: Hypertrophy with CFFB

Thanks Steven. So, should I ignore all the conventional wisdom out there about rep schemes of 5-10 being most effective for hypertrophy (not trying to be cheeky here, an honest question)?

As far as Starting Strength goes, I have given it a go but I was not able to continue with linear progression (I know, calories calories calories...). However, isn't it mainly a program for beginners? While far from being an elite lifter, this is how my numbers stack up against Crossfit Seattle's spreadsheet:

Deadlift 410 - 2.28 X bodyweight
Squat 275 - 1.53 X bodyweight
Clean 215 - 1.2 X bodyweight
Press 150 - .83 X bodyweight

And so on. Not taking that spreadsheet as gospel, but those numbers put me in the 'Advanced' category (I would actually consider myself an intermediate, however).

Further, I am taking relatively frequent fitness tests these days in attempt to become a structural firefighter, which requires me to maintain a decent level of metcon / cardiovascular fitness (i.e. <9:30 1.5 mile run, plenty of ~6 - 10 minute tests) in order to be competitive. I don't think SS is compatible with this.

Anyways, the main point I took from your post is: don't screw with the CFFB numbers.
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