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Did a no-no at Planet Fitness

3 of us were at Planet Fitness in Lewiston, Maine, tonight doing a WOD (20 minutes of 4 burpees, 8 pushups, 16 squats), wearing t-shirts saying "Crossfit" on them. We were told that we were violating Planet Fitness policy, which says you can not instruct or lead others in exercise.

Okay fine, we are doing an exercise together and since it is going for max sets none of us are even doing the same exercise at the same time, nor is anyone instructing another person. We were encouraging but other than not not much else going on. What PF said was the issue is that one of us (one person there is level 1 cert) had come up with an exercise routine so therefore he was leading us. The only one that is allowed to lead or instruct is the PF staff trainer. I then posed the manager on duty (Sarah) a question: "What if 3 people came in, 2 ask what should we do tonight and the third said I know, lets do 3 sets of bench presses and 3 sets of squats, would this be against club policy". To give her credit she answered that yes it would be against club policy.

At no time were we trying to recruit other people in joining us in our WOD, and we are club paying members. I guess PF doesn't want us as member. Hopefully we'll get something setup where we can workout and can drop the PF memberships.
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