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Re: Intermittent Fasting...

Googled IF. I didn't realize there was a name for it. It's only about 12 hour fasting for me though. I have however only been eating one solid meal per day for years now. Admittedly, I'll splurge every now and then. I never really eat breakfast or lunch and I hardly snack. I do drink water and chew gum all day. I seem to be doing fine. I workout twice a day three times per week and once a day three times per week. I'll end up with a voracious appetite at night and I will eat anything in front of me. I seem to be keeping the fat off a little better than most people around me of the same age. I'm not an elite, but I'm usually the fittest when in a group of regular people (not CF'rs). My all-around performance seems to be better than the average male of the same age.

Example of a typical two work-out day during the weekdays (weekend schedule varies with mental status):
0520: shower
0615: coffee 2-4 cups in the morning at
0630-0735 : morning work-out (met con, endurance, or strength)
water for hydration during the day
0800: shower
1500-1745: afternoon workout lenght of work-out varies. I usually do the rx'd mainsite WOD plus random strength and endurance if I'm still up to it.
1800-1830: Dinner. Last night's menu was three porkchops, six to seven pieces of thick-cut bacon, 2 cups of white/brown rice mixed, 1 cup mixed vegetables, 3 large handfuls of M&M's (regular). I was controlling myself; I could've eaten more.
I average about two-three beers a night, as well.
1900: shower
2200-2300: sleep til 0520-0545 (snooze)

I'm not strict about the fasting. If I see something I'll eat it. It's just generally the case that I don't eat during the day. It's a habit I developed when I used to smoke and I was too lazy to go get something to eat. I hate leaving work for lunch because I never want to go back. So, now I skip lunch so I can get out early and go to the gym and make it home early.
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