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Re: Vibram Fivefingers - Help

Originally Posted by Liam McKarry View Post
I think my feet are strong enough because of all the martial arts trainin I do bare foot.
And people just starting CrossFit go as Rx'd because they think that they're in shape.

I really know nothing about this topic as I don't run in my VFFs, but I just wanted to comment on this statement. I think that you may be overestimating the stresses your foot faces while running. As a martial artist, you probably have stronger foot muscles than the average Joe, but 1 week isn't nearly enough time for your feet to acclimate to barefoot running. Even Nike recommends people do 2 weeks (IIRC) of walking in the Frees before moving up to running. And those aren't nearly as extreme as VFFs.

Slow down, take a week off from running in the chores around the house, take the kids to the park, walk the dog...but don't do any running this week. Then next week, maybe do ONLY 400/800 meters 3 times per week...NOT followed by more running. You can run at other times of the day, but think of the VFF running sessions as skill work and not to be used as part of a workout. At least not at first. Slowly (like 4-6 weeks) start working up to doing more distance in the VFFs.

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