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Re: Vibram Fivefingers - Help

I guess the thing that kind of worries me is that when I was running with poor technique I could bang that heal down, get shin splints (frequently - also incidently used to get terrible shin splints from skipping), but never pain in the feet or calves - after 1 week with VFF I now seem to have a problem with running in cushioned soles - I think I way have been supinating my foot which has caused the problem - obviously VFFs won't let me do that without killing my feet.

Is it possible for your feet to react that quickly to Barefoot running?

As it stands I'm considering going for broke with the VFFs and just running in them for the distances - hopefully this wont cripple me. I think my feet are strong enough because of all the martial arts trainin I do bare foot.

I hate the fact i think about this stuff - once upon a time I put on runners and ran.
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