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Re: Vibram Fivefingers - Help

Liam...I too get this problem however it is nothing to do with the vibrams...

I have a pair of the classics and have yet to try running in them. I am only using them for met-con and weightlifting.

I usually run wearing a pair of high end saucony running shoes. After about a mile in to the run I feel my calves start to tighten up. If I continue it gets to the point where I can't run anymore and even walking is painful for the next few weeks, stairs in particular.

I've made enquiries into what causes it however all I get in response is I must have tight calves and to spend time stretching them every day.

I had a timed mile and a half run at work recently and only just managed it before the tell tale signs set in.

I am hoping that switching to the vibrams is going to help alleviate my problem.
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