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I've been doing Crossfit for about two years now and over the last six months stated to work PL lifting into the mix. It's taken about six months to get a nice strong DL of 210. I never did back squats because I don't have anyone to spot me for the most part. So I only do it if I'm with Tom Brose or Jesse Woody. My second time doing back squats I got 195 at 137lbs. I failed at 205 but I think I was scared and lost focus.
Overall my thought is that because I do CF I'm a step ahead of your average gym rat trying to back squat. Both in confidence and over all fitness.

Rip, I've been playing with the idea of doing a PL meet just for fun. The thing that turns me off is the bench press. I've never done one and just lack interest in it. I also have a injured shoulder(rotator cuff, from a dog walking accident).
It just seems like a guy thing the bench press. Am I missing the point? Or just missing out because I don't want to bench press?
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