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Dimitri Dziabenko
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Hello to you all!

I think the standards for Women's squats are a little bit askew. It states that for a woman with 123BW, a 160lb back squat is considered "Advanced." My girlfriend is 126 and squatted 160 recently as part of the Crossfit Total. That would pretty much place her into the advanced category, but she has only been weight-lifting for 3 months. Maybe she is a genetic superior (although with the other categories, she is at around intermediate). Then I recall seeing Nicole Carroll squatting 245lb at around the same BW, which places her well beyond the Elite Category (without her being a powerlifter or something). That makes me wonder if the standards are accurate for the Women's Squat. What do you think?


Dimitri Dziabenko

PS: 160lb, I think is still pretty good and I am very proud (-_-)
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