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Re: Wooden Homemade Rings tutorial

Bernard, I found some pics in my camera which I took while making my rings. I'll try to download and send them, probably tommorrow. It is really a simple process.
I did learn one thing about wooden rings. Whether you use sand paper or a router to round off the edges of the rings, if you were to look at a cross section of the ring where you grip it, it would be a square or a rectangle with well rounded corners. (see the earlier post w/ photo of the rings w/ blue straps)
This is just how mine looked. They are great for dips, pull ups, rows,stances and other ring work, but I have just started to work false grip pull ups in hopes of a muscleup.
I discovered that the "well rounded corners" became ridges on the heel of my hand and the end of my fingers with the exagerated reach around the ring that is called for in the false grip.
It will be well worth the time and effort to choose a 6 to 8" section of each ring to be the "bottom" of your ring. Sit down with a file or rasp and make an actual "round" cross section for your grip. It will make the false grip a lot easier to develop IMO.

Dennis B.
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