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Plantar Fasciitis stretches/massages

I hurt my left foot a few days ago - turns out it is plantar fasciitis. Or at least it's a swollen and injured plantar fascia. My orthopedist (who coincidently is also one of my kendo teachers, small world) recommended I stretch before exercise, and massage afterwards.

He showed me a basic stretch and a basic massage. The stretch was basically the towel stretch ( - wfs), but using one hand to pull on the ball of the foot and the other to stabilize the heel. The massage was simply thumb pressure on the injured area.

Otherwise, he prescribed a painkiller patch in the meantime. He's not recommending I stop training or explosive movements (honestly, he scolded me for not coming to the kendo class he runs on weekdays instead of the one his brother runs on weekends) just stretch before and massage after. Is that one stretch sufficient? Are there others folks here can recommend? I already searched the forum archives but all I came up with was recommendations for arch supports, a night brace, and that one stretch.

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