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paul arestan
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So is life.
Nothing can be taken for granted, nothing is permanent and everything is always changing.
My younger brother fought a tough battle against cancer for 3 years and I spent terrible days waiting for my mum to call and give me the latest bad news.
During this period of time, I divorced, moved, left my job and started my own business.
Recently my brother's situation degenerated and I had to rush back home (I live in Australia but my family is in France, 10000 miles away)and got there just before he passed away, at the age of 27.
During heartbreaking period of my life, exercise was what kept me sane and I actually exercised harder.
Now, I am back on track and working on different projects but I am not the same person and never will be. My priorities have changed and I realise what is really important: Love, family, close friends and to make the most of what I have now because nothing will last forever.
Hopefully, I am now a better person, wiser, more patient and more loving and I wish all of you who are going through tough times will feel that way.

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