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Adapt or Die!
That’s your own quote. You don’t want to die or throw in the towel. If you did you would not be here talking to us. So that’s tells me already that you are a fighter.
• Hang in there (patience)
• Pray for strength and guidance.
• Train when you can as often as possible….this will be a great emotional release valve.
• Create game plans for yourself that are obtainable. Plan them out for over the next few months and few years and work steadily towards achieve them….baby steps one at a time.
• Keep a note book or PDA with you and write down every time a good idea pops in your head that can be applied towards making your life better….it worked for Leonardo De Vinci and other great thinkers. (Well De Vinci probably did not have a PDA but you get the point.):happy:
• My personal suggested readings:
o Unleash the Warrior Within- Richard J. Machowicz
o Unbeatable- Jack Schropp
o Attitude is Everything-change your Attitude & Change your Life- Jeff Keller
o This earlier post which was about another individual who was feeling down and some of the suggestions that were given.

Keep in mind; that if your wife will stick with you, then that will be the best anchor you can ever have. It worked for me and still does. If not then again, there is always the man upstairs.

Good luck and keep us posted.
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