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I know I'm a mere 26 but the last year has not been great due to a variety of factors and I'll list a few things and now I'm back on track.

I was doing pretty good up until the late spring last year with training, I had been experimenting with CF but still doing my regular bodybuilder routine and then a couple of things hit at once, my grandfather died of pancreatic cancer, my then-fiance told me she wasn't sure if she wanted to get married in May like we had planned along with moving to the DC metro area to be together. So after a few weeks I basically told myself ok it's ok not to get married we'll just keep doing the IL to DC thing for now and when my son was born I'd thne maybe move to IL if I could find a decent paying job there.

I saw her in May as we had planned anyway and she told me she did want to get married and she was sorry it was the pregnancy hormones/mood swings. At this point she wanted to get married but not move until after the birth of my son (July). A week later she tells me she doesn't want me to go back to DC without her and wants to move (at this point I had stopped looking for a house/apartment weeks ago) so in the space of 2 days we pack up all her stuff along with my 2 stepsons stuff put it into a truck and move out of her place. We drove from IL to the DC area with and frantically search for a place.

Those first few months were hard with the her and the stepkids trying to adjust to their to new life. Along with remodeling the condo that we got at the last second (it was a bit of a fixer upper). Then the end of the pregnancy, at this point I was lucky to workout once a week. (2-3) months so once a week turned to 0 times per week. I was trying to get to work by 5:30am so I could be home by 2pm and take the stepkids out to do summer stuff while helping my wife with the newborn.

I didn't start training consistently again until September and even then it was 4-5 times a week if I was lucky. Then the holidays and wham back no training in a blink of an eye.

Now in April with things around the house remodeled and the stepkids more adjusted and the baby older I have finally begun training 5-6 times a week consistently for 2 months now. I've found that working out makes me less stressed out from everything else and that in turn makes the stress level of the house go down a bit also.

I read this quote recently and it made a lot of sense to me and I had never thought about it quite like that before.

"Your body can't differentiate between stressors. Stress is like water from hundreds of taps flowing into a bathtub. Financial stress, relationships, health, and training stress are all different taps. When all the other taps are flowing full blast, turn down the training tap a little bit so your tub doesn't overflow." -Alwyn Cosgrove

My suggestion is to get outide or the gym or the track or the pool and get to cranking. It is torturous at first but you may find that it will help decrease how much the stress affects you and that will help things at home with the wife and the kids also.

Best of luck and I hope this helped a bit.
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