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Didn't really know where to post this one; 'Community' seemed appropriate...

I have been exercizing all my life and while not a great athlete, I was in decent shape (CFing, running 20K, Olympic distance triathlon, you get the picture).

I was laid off just before Christmas and a period of high stress level ensued. My loosing my job was the last straw in a series of very stressful events in 2005 such as my mom being diagnosed with breast cancer and my brother with epileptic seizures. I have since undergone profound changes and I hardly recognize myself: I started drinking more heavily (beer) and packed on 20lbs, started to be uninterested in working out... The relationship with my wife also got strained as she was getting on my nerves even though she was pretty much behaving as usual. Plus, I have had no patience with the kids lately.

I am 37 (38 in July). Could I be going through an early mid-life crisis? How do you go back to exercizing like before? My motivation is at zero right now.

If anyone as gone through such a time, I'd be interested in hearing your testimony.

Thanks much!
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