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Hey all,
I´ve been using the WOD for a few weeks to get the most success out of my workout.
But first, let me tell you something about me: I´m from Germany, 29 years old and I´m a highschool teacher for physical education, politics and history. In my younger years I was a triathlete. But now I haven´t got enough time to get this kind of training done. So I was looking for something new, which could give me motivation for new goals (reduce back pain, gain lean mass,...), and very important, saving time.
For now I´m trying to follow the WOD, but I sometimes have to modify it a bit . (I have no kettleballs, no Olympic lifting coach. But I was working as a fitness coach for 10 years, so I know the other "most common" exercises quite well.)
At the moment I´m weighing in at about 142 pounds (height: 5`11``), which is quite skinny. My goals for the next months are to gain 10-15 pounds. For this I also changed my diet to 40% proteins, 40% fats and 20% carbs.
So that´s it for now.
Would be nice to hear from someone. Sorry for my bad English.
See you Marc
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