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James - without a doubt the best supplement for pullups, for me, is a crowd of peers.

I accept your challenge and will race you to 40. The next time our team gets together for our pre-SWAT training PT will be on July 8th, (Mike Burgener will be stopping by that day on his way to the CrossFit North Olympic Lifting clinic he is putting on) so if I don't get it by then I will spur myself on with the team or Mike.

Ain't that the truth Ted. Sometimes I think I would have to accomplish a genuine Church sanctioned miracle to impress my wife. I impress myself just by waking up alive in the morning so I'm easy, but my wife is a very tough crowd. I don't remember the distance or the time but I did a particularly fast run one day that I saved on my watch. I showed her the time and said, "Big loop run" or whatever the label was that we had given it. "You know that's not quite 3 miles don't you?" I could only laugh. Some time later I had some really good mile splits during a workout on a track I use. Surely this one was unassailable to her reduction. She said, "You know that's a meter track right?" Took a second to sink in but a meter track is about 60 meters short of a mile. The messiah is shunned in his homeland. Not that I share any attributes with the messiah but I am certainly shunned in my homeland. Well, maybe not shunned. I'm putting up a wall on that loft in my gym. I put the OSB up last night and even mudded it to hide the not quite perfect seams and when she called this morning she said, "That's the most amazing thing I have ever seen. It's beautiful." Sincerity. Once you can fake that you've got it made.
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