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When the 40 pullup contest was posted some time ago I laughed at the notion of ever being able to do such a stratospheric number of pullups. I laugh no longer. I had my SWAT mates here at my gym Friday morning for some training before we went to the range. It was the first workout for the group and I was having them go through a few reps of knees to elbows, varous KB lifts, net climb, rope climb, ladder climb and of course ring dips. We also did Tabata squats and I have gotten a number of calls and emails about the after effects of the squats. I got a page this morning that said, "My inner thighs hurt when I sit to go poop, thanks." Made my day.

Anyway, I explained the importance of pullups and how valuable an exercise it is and showed them how to kip. I did 10 and since I felt good I did 10 more. At 20 I felt like I had just started and decided to go on. Around 25 I heard a couple "Whoa" comments and even a "Damn" so I figured this was a good day for a max effort. My previous best has been 27 so I figured I could do 30. I did 35.

Any more pullup contests in the works? I'm sure I have 40 coming soon.
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