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Sorry for not getting this out to you sooner.

The first thing I did/do is use a foam roller and perform SMR on my hip flexors, gluteus minimus, gluteus medius, IT band, and piriformis. I would do this as long as necessary.

Second, I perform back bridges with a medicine ball between my knees for two sets of 8-10 repititions. This allows the hip flexors to relax and the glutes to fire.

Third, I do what is similar to windshield wipers but only on the floor. Back flat on the floor, legs extended at a 90 degrees, I tighten my core and lower my legs to the floor left of me. I tighten the obliques and pull my feet back to the start and then to the other side. I do this for 2x20(10 times each way)

Fourth, I do what I call "swimmers." I lay prone(face down) and spread my legs about two inches wider than my hips with my feet turned out. Then I alternate lifting my feet about six inches off of the floor while focusing on leading with the heel of my foot. I got this from a pilates instructor who was also a client of mine. Don't laugh, this one works. Perform three sets til you lose good form.

Last I make sure that my hips, hamstrings and glutes are warmed up and pliable. A great deal of my issues are from tight/weak glutes and hamstrings.

As I was rehabbing and working my way back I really scaled down the weight for swings until I could do a significant number of repetitions and not feel destroyed the next day. I always kept/keep in my mind Coach's comment about rehabbing CrossFit style. "If the next day you feel the same or better, then you are doing it right." That has allowed me to put off imminent surgery.

I hope that helps. If you need any further clarification or assistance I will be glad to help.

- Neal
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