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Chris Forbis
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I've been experiencing a nagging pain in my lower back, on the left side.

It seems I did it during Linda, but I'm not positive on that. Typically, when I tweak my back, I take it easy for a week or so and do lots of back extensions to get it back up to speed.

Back extensions don't help, and don't activate the pain at all. I can deadlift without pain. I notice it when I get into the bottom of a squat. It doesn't scream in pain, but more of a slight pain caused by tightness (the looser and warmer my squat gets, the less it hurts). I also feel the pain in the same way when I'm touching my toes in a pike stretch. The only thing I've found that causes it to really shout and protest is dumbbell swings, at the very bottom turnaround point.

One more thing, I've found that I notice it A LOT, when I lay on my back and pull both my knees to my chest.

Any ideas on what I could do to get it to go away? It's been hanging around for a few weeks now...
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