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Re: Thoughts on new movement standards...

Originally Posted by Jayme Gruber View Post
I don't recall that being part of the standard.

The point of the eye level aspect was that people were changing hands overhead and never actually locking out. I'm not too annoyed with that one.

The burpee sucks though. I like utilizing the split stance hop step up thing. I don't think it's a confusing rule though. Both feet take off at the same time and land at the same time, that's it. They don't have to be even or side by side, you can go as wide as you want, they do the burpees as either over the bar or over a box so there is no standard to stand them up and be even/side by side.
On the dumbbell snatch both heads of the dumbbell have to touch the ground. The clean only one has to touch.
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