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I've been leaning towards a full power rack VS squat stands (eg vulcan) because I like the flexibility in adjusting the safety pins for all sorts of work (bench lockouts, overhead lockouts, etc). Not to mention the option to use bands for increasing and decreasing lockout weight on squat/bench/deads.

Yes, I realize the squat stands are adjustable, and you can buy the spotter stands, but they aren't as adjustable as a good power rack.

Anyway, that brings me to three options of combining a rack and a platform.

1) Full rack with platform inside. This saves space, and I can't see any major problem with this, other than trying to save a clean-gone-bad and banging into the rack. Does anyone have experience with this?

2) Full rack with platform outside rack. Best of both worlds, but takes up more space when the platform is in use. Then again, it also creates two lifting areas VS one.

3) Half rack with platform. I'm not 100% positive if a half rack will be as sturdy for some things I want to do (mentioned above), but it would save space and leave the lifting platform free of obstacles.

So ... any advice or comments would much appreciated!
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