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Re: Zinc Coating on Rogue Bar


We have used the same plater for a very long time. We have brought all our manufacturing in house and changed steel but I don't think that would cause an issue.

I will check with the plater to see if they have had any issues but the all zinc plating will wear.

Bright/Clear Zinc - Appearance Silver - Will wear dark gray/off color and eventually down to the steel. This is the base coat for black zinc and olive drab zinc, all bars hit this tank

Black Zinc - Appearance Black - Will wear silver over time due to base coat being the Bright/Clear zinc. Takes longer to hit bare steel and corrosion due to process.


Generally you will see wear along the knurl points of any bar first. Following that will be your primary contact points.

Knurl - We run the Rogue Bar 2.0 thru a slightly different knurling process than our Ohio bars. Both have a very uniform feel but the Rogue bar 2.0 has a bit more variance. The pattern/depth is near identical.

With the Ohio bar we run the same knurl wheels and specs on knurl as the 1st day we ran the bar, the bar master has not changed.


Cooper - They are the same steel shaft, no difference other than the process.


Steven - Zinc is a good plating process, both zinc and chrome have their pros/cons. We have chrome bars from many manufacturers that show rust very soon so no bar is rust proof, much of what is you will see is how you care for the bar. Zinc is also a very safe product to plate steel with.

Let me know if you guys have any other questions.


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