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Re: Zinc Coating on Rogue Bar

My Ohio bar (1.2) is in good shape coating wise (just a few dings and scratches). CrossFit 920's (my box) Ohio Bars (the original model-about one year old) and Rogue 2.0 Bar have heavy wear (its only four months old). However, they put 10-15x the volume of work on those bars than I do on my bar. The original Rogue bars they have also have almost no coating on them.

Brew City CrossFit has the original Rogue bars and these have absolutely NO coating left. These bars range from 2-4 years old.

It should be noted that all Rogue Bars are double coated, with a thin black zinc outer layer and a stronger bright zinc undercoat.

Zinc is a weak coating. This is to be expected as the bar ages, and can happen over a few months if sufficiently heavy volume is put onto the bar. If coating is going to be an issue with you, go with Satin Hard Chrome. Its more expensive, but the coat will last much longer.
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