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Zinc Coating on Rogue Bar

I'm hoping someone with Rogue will chime in. Our entire box is outfitted with Rogue Equipment. Every bar, and we have a couple dozen, is Rogue except to two bearing bars on our platforms. I am noticing something interesting about the Zinc coating on Rogue bars.

It appears the older the Rogue bar is the better the Zinc coating has held up, for mens bars we have:
- 4 original Rogue bars that we bought second hand, they're probably 4 years old
-10 Ohio Bars w/ Black zinc handles we bought when we opened 7 months ago
-2 Rogue 2.0 bars, just recently bought last month

The area I am referring to is the actual handle, most noticeable would be the center of the bar where it makes contact on a clean or back squat. The 2.0's actually look the most worn, there is actually two 4 inch (think traps) wide rings worn completely away. The Ohio bars are not as bad, and the original Rogue bars looks the best. Same with our ladies bars, the original bella's we have look better then the bella 2.0's we recently bought. It doesn't make sense that the bars with the least mileage have the most wear. This would only indicate that the zinc coating process has come down in quality.

The bars function great, so it's not a huge concern, only cosmetic. I've take apart and cleaned all these bars and the quality appears to have only gotten better as far as the machining and build. I do take pride in the appearance of my affiliate and I like shiny things so that the only bummer. Anybody else experiencing this issue with the black zinc coating on Rogue bars?
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