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Re: 14.3 tips and strageties. Jump or step?

Originally Posted by John Holcombe View Post
Just watched Malleolo's performance... what??!

If I was watching correctly he went unbroken through the set of 225 and the first 15 of 275. Did 10 on his first set of 315 too. All at a body weight of 170!
He is built for deadlifts - long arms and short legs. He has the best performance for the 21-15-9 deadlift and box jump workout as well.

Just because he is built for it doesn't deny the fact that he has to put in the work to maximize his potential. From a data perspective, I love to see him do well on these deadlift workouts. It answers the question, "If all the top athletes perform at their peak, who has the advantage for X, Y, or Z workout or movement?" Like seeing Irving Hernandez win 14.2. He is made for pull-ups - low bodyweight and high upper body strength.
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