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My goal is to be a Navy SEAL. I'll be shipping off for boot camp this summer, then to BUDS (Basic Underwater Demolition SEAL training). Basically , it's like a kick in the nuts by an NFL place kicker... and I'm sitting spread eagle watching him warm up. I've been running and PTing on my own, but I just don't feel AS fit as I would like to be.

Well, I have a buddy who's already a SEAL stationed at SDV1 in Honolulu. I flew out a few months ago to visit him, and he took me to PT with his team one day. Guess what I found out... they LOVE Crossfit! In fact, the guy who turned them all on to it (a new guy) had only been doing it for 5 months, and he was suddenly in better shape than all of them, even the guys who have been there for a long time... and SDV1 has a reputation for their super-intense PTs. Well, the PT for that day was a CF type workout designed by THAT guy. That was my introduction to CF.

Since then, I've continued in conventional wisdom, with little results. Really, my main goal is to drop my 1.5 mile run time to 9 minutes, and my 4 mile run time to 28 minutes. Not only that, but I'd really love to run and not hear that voice that says "running really sucks... running really hurts... I hate running, and running hates me." After reading the testimonials of gains in just 2 months or so, I'm kicking myself for not starting sooner! All the team guys tell me that i need to be fit enough to crush the BUDS fitness test b/c i'll lose some fitness at Navy boot camp. I really hope CF works, and from what I've read, I think it will!

Anyway, yall take care!
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