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Re: Recovery, Blair Morrisons Article.

Originally Posted by Vickie Ellickson View Post
By "prior" you mean the day before?

He can probably make a 215lb snatch in his sleep, which leads me to believe something went wrong for him on workout #5. He did fine in #6, so he probably wasn't injured.

I'm going to miss seeing him in the Games this year.
Ya I really will too. Been following and learning from his blog for years. It was the first CF blog I found and is the only one I still follow. His write ups are stellar. Although this last year he's posted more irregularly and details his training less which makes me sad. It also makes me sad that they seem to always ignore him in the behind the scenes videos. He's one of the few top athletes who doesn't have a bmi that's off the charts (read: is 6 feet and not 200lbs).

Originally Posted by Jason A Smith View Post
I seriously doubt that is what is really happening with his training.

Thanks for the link it was a great read.
This exactly. I was speculating with some people about it. I know Rich isn't going to be a liar and just do it all for the camera, but we figure they just filmed him at a specific stage in his training. I really can't believe someone keeping that up all year AND eating that little food. I workout once a day and have a decent amount of volume that I find challenges recovery once in a while, but even my one workout won't typically contain the type of volume even one of those workouts had. Ben Smith also posted a 'todays volume' thing on facebook. My guess is that the day in the life video of Rich and Ben Smiths post are really just psychological games to mess with people. I have no doubt they do what they say the do, I just don't think that's what everyday of their lives looks like. I watched that video of Rich and afterwards didn't find it inspiring at all; I basically just came to the mental conclusion that I will never make it to the games because my life will never look like that, nor do I want it to even if I had the chance. Obviously that's not true and there's plenty of top guys who train once a day, I just don't think it's as inspiring as everyone else says it is... I think it's kind of dumb and unnecessary.

A guy like Blair has always seemed more realistic and overall trains less than I do. Talk about extremes.

Also, your welcome.
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