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Re: Recovery, Blair Morrisons Article.

I think it is interesting to see how other people train. I will also be interested to see if Rich keeps this pace of training much longer. Somewhere you will get fatigued and injured if you push that hard all the time. I seriously doubt that is what is really happening with his training.

A couple other things, he only started at Crossfit in 2009 so only been at it 3 years or so, and he is really young and in his athletic prime. Be interesting to see if he can carry that kind of training into his 30's and beyond. I know that I cannot handle the same workload training (physically) at 35 that I could at 25 or even 19-20. It makes a pretty large difference. You need to work smarter, not harder. Sounds like Blair has that figured out pretty well from what I can see.

I gues we will find out how dialed in he is this weeekend at Regionals. I know he has been working with James at OPT as well. Smart dudes working together, see how it goes I guess. Thanks for the link it was a great read.
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