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Re: HELP: Shoulder Injury while Deadlifting possible Labral Tear

Originally Posted by Adam Curtis View Post
Let me Start off and say I'm new to the discussion board, but not new to Crossfit.

A week ago I was doing heavy deads and I mixed my grip and pulled, but I think I either tried pulling the weight up with my arms, or my arms weren't locked out and my legs jerked them into it.... either way it hurt the back of my left shoulder(the left side was the forward/mixed side). The area is right behind my armpit... it's sore to the touch. I suspect a Labral tear...

I've been taking meloxicam and icing it but it still feels weird... when handling a steering wheel or just simple articulations...

Something interesting: While doing back squat(low-bar position) I had no pain while standing, but as soon as I got to 45 degrees and lower I felt immense pain directly in the spot of the injury... I know the bar is laying accross that area, but I didn't expect that.

Is there any chance that this is just a muscle injury? Can I just train with pain until I get the MRI, or should I avoid the pain and do circuit training If these symptoms sound familiar or if you've delt with this, then I would like some opinions.

I'm 25 yrs old btw... I consider myself fit.
Could be muscle strain like infraspinatus which is in the back of the shoulder and can be injured with this mechanism. SLAP tears are usually felt more at the top of the shoulder or front, but again can sometimes be felt in the back. DO NOT train through pain. If it is strain it will get better, if it is SLAP tear and small enough it can quiet down on its own.
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