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Re: Yet another Wendler 5-3-1 Template

Originally Posted by Collin Thompson View Post
Phil - your numbers given your BW definitely look like they could milk straight linear progression for a while. Wendler's would obviously work, but linear would be more productive. I'd suggest following an LP until you hit recovery issues then switch to Wendler's.
I would agree here. I love 5/3/1, and I think it would definetly work, but based on your size and current strength - if you haven't done an LP program, I think it would get you the same results much faster. Once you exhaust LP, then try 5/3/1

Originally Posted by Collin Thompson View Post
Dana - I like the idea of having an upper body pull all on its you do any additional pulls on your push days though?
I don't - I separate push and pull for upper and lower. I have found that by separating like this - I can give each area longer to recover, and keep my workouts less than 60 min (important cause I hit it during my lunch hour). I am actually experimenting with putting an upper pull (weighted pullups) on the 5/3/1 template on Fridays. The only complication I've run into is microloading. With the 4 big lifts, I just always round up, but with weighted pullups, the loads are so small - this doesn't work. I've just been finding random crap around the gym and weighing it and hooking it to the dip belt. I am only 3 weeks into this - No idea how well this will work, it probably wont - but how bada** would it be to add 20-30 lbs to my weighted pullup in a couple months.

My week typically looks like this:
Monday - Press 5/3/1, Assistance - 2 additional sets at 60%, then some combination of arnold press, high pulls, front raise, handstand pushups, face pulls, reverse flys (pick 3, but I always include rear delt)
Tuesday - Squat 5/3/1, Assistance - 2 additional sets at 60%, front squats or weighted lunges, then some bicep curl variation (I know)
Wednesday - Bench 5/3/1, Assistance - 2 additional sets at 60%, incline press, weighted dips, plyo-pushup variation
Thursday - Deadlift 5/3/1, Assistance - 2 additional sets, some combination of romanian deadlift, glute ham raise, back extension or glute bridge (usually pick 2) then close-grip bench or something else for tricep
Friday - Now I do weighted pullup 5/3/1, Assistance - 2 additional sets of pullups or chinups, rows, then some core/ab work (knees to elbows, toes to bar, planks, L-sits . . .etc.)

Friday night I double up and do a short metcon, Saturday - we do a longer metcon that usually involves some kind of running/sled pushing/farmers walk, with barbell or kettlebell work.

Sunday - OFF
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