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Hunter Blackmore
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Re: Hunter Blackmore's CFCC / Imperial Log

Morning trip to Imperial.

Front squat

275 was the 5 rep max for me today.

Strict press

2x5 @135
1x165 - shoulders were not feeling nice today. Decided to call it quits after one.

Backwards sled drag on astro turf - holding thick grip cable row attachment to chest
2x60ft @135# on sled
2x60ft @180# on sled

Hooked myself up to a harness with a giant elastic band thing for sled sprints.

2x60ft @90# on sled
6x60ft @135# on sled

Barbell step-ups onto 26" tire
10 each leg @45#
3x5 each leg @95#

Prowler sprints - high handles down 60 ft - low handles back 60 ft
4x w/ 140# on prowler

Finished with Tabata row. Forgot to count rounds but did about 800m total.
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