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Hunter Blackmore
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Re: Hunter Blackmore's CFCC / Imperial Log

Trip #2 to Imperial.

Power Clean
miss 255
miss 270
miss 270

Max still sits at 265. Haven't worked on cleans much past couple of weeks but was close on 1st attempt and real close at the second attempt at 270. Still not squatting like I should.

Body started aching so decided that was enough strength work for a day.

Real short, easy met-con thing.

20# med ball
4 rounds
5 wall ball throws into wall as hard as possible right side
5 "" left side
10 overhead ball slams as hard as possible

Finished with abs and helped buddy Carl, a state-record holding power-lifter. Had interesting conversation about a program he is currently following. Going to look it up.

Heavy squat tomorrow afternoon. Trying to decide what to do in AM.
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