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Hunter Blackmore
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Re: Hunter Blackmore's CFCC / Imperial Log

Morning strength trip to Imperial.

Wanted to do some speed work on bench and decided to use bands instead of chains today. Hadn't done bands in a while and was not sure what I was in for. Set it up first with some of the green heavy bands and 135#. First rep hit my chest and was stuck. Couldn't get it up. Bands were way too strong. Was able to get out from underneath it easily because of a little slack in the bands at the bottom but humbling.

Switched to purple bands. Soooo...
10x3 @135# + purple bands doubled over the pegs - setup looked like this (WFS) - was happy with the band set-up. Almost slack at bottom and really tight and heavy at top. Good stabilizing work too.

Super-setted each set of bench with 20 band pull-aparts using two mini-bands

After that went into skull-crushers
5x5 w/ thick ez-bar & 45s on each side

Then did DB shoulder press
5x5 @55#
Super-setted w/
Heavy band triceps extension

2x30 push-ups w/ feet on 24" tire

After that I finished with some CFTG and shrugs. Gripping was still a problem after yesterday's work.
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