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Re: How sore is too sore to workout?

Originally Posted by Stephanie Schwab View Post
I bought a foam roller and I do like it. It seems to help loosen things up. Are you doing an on-ramp program? I would love to shoot for 5 days a week, but right now 3 is hard for me. Thanks for sharing about why we get naseauous - I am definitely going to try the banana trick! I felt really sick again at on-ramp tonight. It was hard. The heat here doesn't help me (I hate the heat and am really sensitive to it!). I was totally sedentary when I started. Where you working out at all before starting CF? Are you in pain from previous injuries? I hope to work up to doing Paleo. Right now I have cut out sugar and am going start the Zone. Glad you here on the boards. I love knowing there are other new people!

I used a foam roller tonight for the first time and it finally makes more sense than what I thought it was. (I pictured a pool noodle or something which just didn't sound very useful...) I felt like it was maybe a little wide for really digging in and loosening things up, but I'm thinking about a bar or something a little smaller to drag across the backs of my legs.

I just jumped right in, I hadn't heard about on ramp until I read it here. It sounds like a good idea, but I think I'll be ok as long as I scale everything and rest enough. Prior to starting I was pretty sedentary due to pain, but when I'm not having a flare up I like to walk a lot and also play with the kids. It's been months since I felt up to anything like that though so I am in extremely, extremely bad shape. I feel broken, and I just want to repair myself and be fit. (looking good naked would be nice, and maybe a few pull ups and some handstand walking...)

I don't know much about the Zone, my impression is that it's a bit complex. I have been lowcarbing for years and the transition to paleo was pretty easy. I don't have to calculate anything or think too hard about what I'm eating, we just eat a ton of veggies and meat/fish/eggs with some fruit and occasionally non gluten grains. (I don't have a problem being strict for periods of time but I don't want to live the rest of my life sans corn tortillas or rice now and then) Generally it is easy and comfortable though. I (and my kids) have a TON of food intolerances as well so being paleo makes it easy to avoid a lot of problems. Even so I have to skip nightshades for some of us (so sad, love grilled eggplant!) and sweet potato (of all things?!) and apparently I'm developing an increasingly severe skin reaction to squash. Dairy is off again on again, my kids seem to have a bigger problem with it than I do so solidarity, y'know. If you ever want to chat about quick and easy paleo meals just let me know!

I talked to my trainer tonight and she was really helpful about the pain questions. She suggests nerve pain = take it easy (who knew? duh...), but muscle soreness is ok to work through. Apparently (especially not lifting big weights) muscle will repair itself in 36-48 hours, so even if I'm doing 4-5 days a week the muscles will be half repaired and it is productive to do more work in that state. This is the first clear and definitive advice I've been able to get but it sounds good so I'm running with it. (when my back feels better, heh.) I can't wait until I'm only struggling through sore muscles...
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