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Re: Elite CrossFit athlete development theory

Originally Posted by Ryan R Johnson View Post
the question then becomes... can one develop that elite level of performance in the CrossFit games, relying solely on a CrossFit program and background?
Yes, there are many examples of this in the younger games competitors. As CrossFit ages you will see more competitors who were no more then high school athletes. It is a math and numbers question. If you need 5 years to become elite look back 5 years. Were there more people CrossFitting or in other serious athletic programs in the US? Right now our best athletes are often cross over athletes. As todays teenage CrossFitters become tomorrows early 20's CrossFitters I expect we will have many more home grown athletes.

Originally Posted by Ryan R Johnson View Post
unless i were an Olympic lifter or strongman in a past life, can i expect to ever compete at that level, by grinding away at my local box?
No. The reason being is top games athletes are training much harder then the programming at your local box or Mainsite. Can you train much harder at your local box and become an elite CrossFitter? Yes with individualized programing.

Originally Posted by Ryan R Johnson View Post
in effect, the real question becomes.. is CrossFit responsible for these athletes, or are the athletes responsible for CrossFit?
CrossFit is responsible for taking already developed athletes and turning them into elite CrossFitters. I haven't met many strong men that can survive past about the 4 minute mark in a met-con. I expect Rob O. spent much of his early days in CrossFit working on developing metabolic capacity.
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