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Re: Elite crossfit athlete development theory

I don't think the CF elite are putting up the numbers they are because they used to be in some unrelated specialty, but rather because they have been pushing their bodies physically for 15-20+ years.

Think about it... all those guys are in the ballpark of 30 years old, and have been heavily involved in athletics since high school or before. NOTHING builds strength/endurance/mental toughness/cardo capacity like 20 years of working hard several days a week.

Could you get the the level of the games just by working out at a CF affiliate? yeah you could, if you started at 10 years old and were getting special coaching and competing in it from day 1. We don't see that because 10 year olds would be a lot more likely to be playing football, soccer, wresting, track, or whatever than competing in a CF gym. Plus, the current elite were 10 in 1990 when CF was completely unknown. Hell, the archives only go back to '03.
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