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Re: Elite crossfit athlete development theory

Just spit balling here so excuse my ramblings.

I'm starting to feel like as crossfit becomes more of a "sport" there are really two crossfits.

There's the crossfit that is for general fitness where someone who will probably never compete can go to a box or do it at home and use crossfit to become a very "fit" person.

Then there's the crossfit of the games where it has become very specialized and almost more of a skill in itself. As a very loose comparison I think of some of the powerlifters that I read about that barely use the three lifts of competition to train, up until a little bit out from competition.

I think a good way to approach the second type of crossfit is going to be to go about it kind of backwards, and maybe counter to what CF would say. I think it would be good to focus on and achieve a high level of various skills separately and afterwards work on the "skill" of crossfit. So work on getting a big deadlift, squat, overhead press. Then work on getting a big clean and jerk. Forcus on getting a super fast 400m and 1 mile run, etc. Once you've achieved these then work on getting good at crossfit, which I think would take the smallest amount of time to do compared to the other skills. I think this will be a good way to be really good at crossfit, but I think it would take longer than most people are willing to stay with it.

I'm actually experimenting with this on myself in sort of a multi-phase approach. I'm keeping track of it all and if it ends up working i'll make sure to post it. Even if it doesn't I'll post the results. Like I said might take a while.
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